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Find The Best Homes For Sale In Denver, CO

Find the best homes for sale in Denver, CO with our top real estate agents at the James Crocker Real Estate Team. View listings and use our detailed real estate filters to find a perfect place. With our excellence and dedication, we are the only realtor you need for buying and selling a property in the Denver area.

Denver is the largest city and the capital of Colorado. Located on the west from High Plains, in the shadow of Rocky Mountains, Denver attracts more and more people each year. Being an extremely walkable location, the city enjoys a great number of good schools and colleges, plenty of surrounding suburbs, historic sites, and brand-new businesses throughout Denver.

Denver is surrounded by places of incredible beauty. Located on the border of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the city offers all guests and residents an amazing opportunity to rest in an unusual environment, wild nature, peaceful and beautiful. With its 300 days of sunshine and close proximity to the snowy mountains, the city is ideal for an active lifestyle. There is an enormous amount of all types of outdoor activities you can experience. Within a one-mile radius from downtown, you can ski, snowboard or go kayaking, hiking, camping, and even mountain biking.

As one of the best real estate companies in Colorado, the James Crocker Real Estate Team will be more than happy to help you get involved in this amazing community as soon as possible! Our website gives you the possibility to search for the best new homes for sale in Denver, Colorado. The average Denver home price is $471,321.


Houses For Sale In Denver, Colorado

Denver, CO was established in 1858 as mining town during the Colorado Gold Rush. When gold in the Denver area has completely run out, a major part of miners moved to the mountains and the city became the biggest supply hub as well as the state capital. In the 20th century, the city grew rapidly due to its convenient location and soaring federal activity.

Today, Denver, CO is the thriving city with a strong business environment surrounded by rapidly growing suburbs and myriad of beautiful houses for sale. With the population of more than 700,000, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Best known for its unique local culture and vibrant nightlife, the city boasts a plethora of museums, public arts, clubs, and theaters. At any night of the week, you can catch some great entertainment everywhere. Many people decide to buy a home in Denver because of its great active city full of events and the mountains nearby. When you’re walking around downtown Denver, you will see some art installation in almost every building. Denver Performing Arts Complex is one of the largest in the country; it takes up four city blocks!

Denver, CO Schools

There are more than 150 educational facilities in Denver, Colorado. Some of the popular schools in Denver districts are in the list below:

Denver schools: Career Education:
Bromwell Elementary School Community College of Denver
Cory Elementary School Metropolitan State University of Denver
Carson Elementary School Colorado Heights University
Steele Elementary School Regis University
Steck Elementary School Johnson & Wales University- Denver

Denver, CO Zip Codes

Real estate in Denver, Colorado includes 46 zip codes:

80201 80202 80203 80204 80205 80206
80207 80208 80209 80210 80211 80217
80218 80219 80220 80222 80223 80224
80227 80238 80243 80244 80248 80250
80251 80252 80256 80257 80259 80261
80262 80263 80264 80265 80266 80271
80273 80274 80281 80290 80291 80293
80294 80295 80299 80330

Your Local Real Estate Expert for Denver, CO

People love Denver, CO for its convenient location. With the help of well-developed public transportation system, you can get to both downtown and suburbs quickly. Additionally, you’re at a walking distance from a number of top-rated restaurants and luxury shops. All this makes real estate in Denver, Colorado the ideal option for everyone.

If you are going to sell or buy the home in Denver, Colorado, the James Crocker Real Estate Team can help you with all your real estate needs. With a cutting-edge approach, we put our experience and knowledge into everything we do for you. We also offer a free, quick, and easy real estate search tools. You can instantly find out what your Denver home is worth on our website. Call us now and we will find the house that will make you happy.

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